My name is Jane Oblikas and I am a founder of Design Minds and curator of Design Thinking Conference.  My strength and my passion lies in design, where I have been active since 1994.  I am former CEO of Estonian Design Centre (2011-2017) and CEO of advertising agency Kontuur Leo Burnett (2002-2011). I have deep understanding of the core principles and mindsets of Design Thinking and act as a Design Thinking Coach and Workshop Facilitator

By using Design Thinking I support and facilitate innovation projects and processes in order to get best out of the team.  As the innovation processes bring about a great deal of uncertainty, Design Thinking helps teams to express and structure their ideas and thoughts.  The essence of design thinking lies less in the application of specific methods than in the implementation of certain ways of thinking and working. My aim is to successfully guide people through a design thinking journey by supporting individuals as well as letting productive teamwork evolve. 

I believe that the most meaningful and inspiring workshops, training sessions and innovation programs are born in co-creation. Therefore, I involve experienced designers, design coaches and top specialists in our field. Through various projects, collaboration partners include Praxis, Social Innovation Laboratory, Miltton New Nordics, Brand Manual, BDA, Tank, Trinidad Wiseman, Center for Applied Anthropology and others.

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